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[1] Common Knowledge

[2] League of Artificers and Tinkerers

[3] League of Drake Riders

[4] The Princess of Light

[5] The Bad Guy

Places Edit

[6] Raykian - Ravenfolk/Giants

[7] Anhryk - Catfolk

[8] Citadelle- All

DMPCs Edit

Xander and Guen -ranger drow and rogue catfolk

Chleo -Bard Giantess

Gren and Lids -Barbarian human and sorcerer Geks

Tiadora -Woodelf cleric

PCs Edit

[9] Apeiron

Fun Stuff Edit

[10] Gungeon inspo

[11] Pandora


This is all info that I've come up with for my campaign using the 13th Age system that will take place after our current campaign. If somehow you've found this, please do not edit anything!

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